Want To Go?

youthband1Who can go?

NCA Chrysalis is for High School students, ages 14-18, and Young Adults, ages 18-25. We invite you to attend one of our weekend retreats, and experience God’s love in new and exciting ways.

 Who is it for?

  • those who want a deeper understanding of God’s love
  • those who have questions about prayer, study, and Christian love
  • those who want to know what it means to be a Christian
  • those who are open to daily living for God


Application to Attend

(if you prefer to fill in an application and mail it click here for Young Adult weekend or here for High School weekend)

Section I: General Information
Which weekend:
Name you go by (Nickname):
Phone Number:*
Date of birth:
TShirt size:
Do you play a musical instrument?:
If yes, which one(s):
Do you have any food allergies/preferences
Section II: Faith Background
Church Name:
Pastor's/minister's name:
State why you wish to attend a Chrysalis weekend, what you expect from it, and anything else about yourself or your faith that you want to share:
In what religious, community or school organizations are you active?:
Section III: Sponsor Information
Sponsor's name:*
Sponsor's e-mail:*
Sponsor's phone:
There is an application fee of $30 which is due before you can attend the weekend. You can either pay it here via PayPal or mail a check to
National Capital Area Chrysalis
PO BOX 185
OCCOQUAN, VA 22125-0185

Make checks payable to National Capital Area Chrysalis

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