Chrysalis Kids – Where Are They Now? – Becca Radoye

becca9I walked on Chrysalis 77 back in 2011. I can honestly say that that weekend was the first time I encountered the radical love that Jesus is all about. I have always known God, as a kid I remember understanding that Jesus died for me. I went to a small private school and I learned about the bible every day. Even though God was a part of my everyday life, it felt like He was far away. I thought that if I could just obey enough of the rules and go to church on Sunday that God would be happy. I thought if I worked hard enough, some day it would all pay off. What I didn’t know is that our God is one who loves and desires deep relationship and intimacy with each one of His children.

On my Chrysalis weekend I learned about a God who loved me deeply and I experienced that love through the members of the team. Each of them served selflessly in a way that completely becca13captivated my heart. From that weekend on I committed to God that I would spend my life serving Him. So at 14 years old I began searching for ways to fulfill my heart that was so hungry for more of God.

I served on half a dozen weekends
and I loved being a part of the community. It was incredible to be able to give others the opportunity to encounter the radical love of Jesus. As I was searching for new ways to serve and grow, I became a part of a missions team at my church. I fell in love with missions andbecca14 began serving in DC with the homeless. After a couple years of serving I had the opportunity to go on my first mission trip to Guatemala. I remember walking through the little villages and realizing that this was the very thing I was created for. God has given me a heart that loves missions deeply. I will be serving Him through this kind of work for the rest of my life.

After going on a few trips to Guatemala I started looking into school. Graduation was coming up and I needed to have a plan of what to do after high school. I found a school located in San Diego, CA and I applied. After a visit and a brief interview I committed to attending the school after I graduated.

I moved to San Diego in 2014 and my graduated on August 13th 2015. After attending the yearlong program, my heart is even hungrier for more of God. When I moved out here, I had no idea what God hbecca7ad in store for me. It was pretty crazy to move cross country at 18, but I knew at the time that it was what God had called me to. Now I  have graduated, I plan on interning with  the school for another year. I am interested in long term international mission work and praying that God has an opportunity for me to be a part of a team. Right now our school has teams in Haiti, Mexico, India and we have plans to send teams to many more countries. I am excited and humbled for this next season that God has me walking in. I believe that God has beautiful plans for my life and I cannot wait to walk with Him to uncover them.

During my time serving with Chrysalis God also revealed my love for teaching. I gave several talks while teaming and I loved being able to share what God was doing in my life with the youth I was with. Since then, I have taught a couple of times and I love it. God does a beautiful work in my heart when I teach, I can’t really explain it. I love that He can use me, a broken messy young girl, to speak truth and wisdom into the hearts of those who will listen. I have learned that embracing humility is one of the strongest things that we as followers of Christ can do. I love that when we are at our most vulnerable, weakest spots, God works in perfect strength and speaks volumes.

Chrysalis was what God used to launch my heart into a radical relationship of complete surrender and obedience to His calling. I am so thankful for my time with Chrysalis and I love to see how God continues to use it to transform lives.

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Impact 195 is a school of ministry based out of the rock church here in San Diego. The school is a year long program where students focus on growing in intimacy with Jesus and understanding of Scripture. Classes range from Inductive Bible study methods to evangelism and restoring relationships. Throughout my year at impact we walked through the books of Mark, Romans, Ephesians, Nehemiah and Joshua, along with a few others. We also studied Spiritual disciplines, evangelism, relationships, forgiveness, attributes of God and several other subject supported by scripture.

Each week we have small group times to check in and pray for one another. We also take one day a week to do outreaches in our local neighborhoods. We pray for people on the street and do service projects as they come.

The year is divided into 3 terms. Each term starts with an open house week and then a Romans 12:2 trip (do not be conformed to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind). Our first term is a wilderness trip where we backpack 27 miles through the mountains of Catalina island. during this trip we study 1 john. during our second and third terms we go on a week long retreat to cabins at Big Bear to walk through the books of Joshua and Nehemiah. Later in each term we have a week long prayer event where students are called to take a break from classes for the week and spend the typical times we would have class in prayer and worship together at school. Healings and many beautiful miracles have taken place during our prayer weeks. Towards the end of each term we have a week called “design week.” this is a week taken out of our normal schedule to focus in and learn about how God uniquely designed each of us. We learn our dispositions, strengths, spiritual gifts and how to operate more efficiently in them.

The most important part of our curriculum is the intentional time that each student has set aside. Committing to this school is committing to sit at the feet of Jesus for an entire year doing nothing but seeking more of Him.

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